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Our Team

Bringing together the right team for a day nursery is an essential task and also one of the toughest; maintaining standards demands the very best people and we work hard to find them.

Every one of our childcare practitioner comes with a range of qualifications suitable for child carers and nursery school teachers and we expect considerably more than the basics! Perhaps most importantly, we only employ staff that understand our childcare philosophy, believe in it themselves and love working with children and supporting them in developing individual personalities and interests.

Childcare methods change all the time and new techniques of teaching and encouraging are always being developed so we invest in ongoing training for all of our team to guarantee parents that their children are getting the very best nursery care possible. This investment in our staff also helps team motivation and allows our carers to develop a true career path with numerous opportunities for advancement and self-improvement.

The team is lead by hands on managers Jessica and Naomi and our highly experienced senior practitioner who bring even higher levels of experience and qualifications to the nursery, also the family owners Naomi and Terry, are a big part of the team. Naomi is a highly qualified child carer who oversees the entire nursery whilst father Terry takes care of all the maintenance requirements. We also have a qualified chef who takes time out to teach the children cooking skills.

We all take our roles and responsibilities within this small community very seriously, priding ourselves on providing really outstanding care, support and encouragement to both children and parents. All of us work to make the nursery so much more than a place the kids go during the day; it’s a place for families where a close community can come together even more through our annual special events, friendly approach and the day-to-day operations of the nursery.

Based just outside Cambridge in the beautiful village of Papworth Everard our staff and children come from across the local region including Huntington, St Ives, St Neots, Sandy and Biggleswade. The nursery is family owned and managed employing around 16 people who care for up to 39 children each day; numbers that ensure every child gets individual attention and support when they need it.

Whatever your day nursery requirements get an exceptional service from the dedicated team of professionals at Children's Ark Day Nursery; contact us today to learn more or arrange a visit with one of our friendly team to see our nursery for yourself.

Why Kids And Parents Love Children’s Ark!

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