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Our Philosophy & Mission

Enrich, Enhance, Educate!

With over fifteen years experience as one of the best day nurseries in the Cambridge region, we have developed a distinct philosophy and mission for the way we provide our childcare services.

Our philosophy focuses our attention primarily on the children we look after, but also on developing close, valued and trusted relationships with their parents. We aim to respect, celebrate and nurture individuality in every child that spends time at the nursery, taking care to meet their day-to-day needs and educational requirements, ensuring each has every opportunity to reach their own potential.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Working to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the national curriculum we never forget that the nursery is often the first experience of formal learning and make sure every lesson is fun and based around activities and experiences that the children enjoy.

Children are given freedom of choice to focus on the things that really interest them, developing their own personalities and interests with our support and encouragement. Everyone who works here prides themselves on providing an exceptional level of commitment, care and support towards each child’s self development and learning.

As part of that we work hard to form strong bonds and relationships with parents as well, aiming to be a support to them and the wider family helping their child develop positive knowledge, skills and experiences that will stay with them throughout life.


Our open week and annual fun days are real testament to this work, when all the children, parents and carers come together socially to reinforce those bonds and a wider community feel to the nursery.  There is already a wonderful community feel throughout the local area and we make sure it is reflected in every part of our business and the hands on work with the children.

Experienced, well qualified staff, a beautiful location and a safe, supportive, community atmosphere all combine to help us provide a really exceptional day nursery service where parents are always welcome to come and talk to us about anything, and children build confidence, experience and social skills amongst others.

Based near Cambridge in the idyllic village of Papworth Everard children come to us from across the surrounding area including Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Sandy and Biggleswade. Investing the greatest care and attention in every child our parents know they can rely on us to foster learning and fun in a supportive, friendly and family oriented atmosphere.

Why Kids And Parents Love Children’s Ark!

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